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Drugged Driving

Driving under the influence of any drug that makes you drive unsafely is against the law.

• Motorists taking painkillers / opioids, are more likely to perform unsafe driving actions that are responsible for roughly 150 fatal crashes in the US each year.

• In New Mexico, drivers will be convicted of DWI for the use of drugs if those drugs are inhibiting the ability to properly function behind the wheel of the vehicle.

• Use of any psychoactive (mind-altering) drug makes it highly unsafe to drive a car and it is illegal.

• Currently, one of nine drivers involved in fatal crashes would test positive for marijuana.

• Drivers who are under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana, their risk of a crash increases up to 24 times that of a sober person.

• Pot impairs users similarly to the way alcohol does, it impairs judgment, affects vision, and affects the ability to use good judgment.

When it comes to drugged driving versus drunk driving, the substances may be different but the consequences are the same. Needless deaths and injuries.


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